Why we do what we do.

Raw Lens Media Co. exists to be brave, to connect, to bring joy and to share.

It all started with a knock on a blue door in London.

I was a young Australian backpacker with some experience in TV, a very keen attitude and a Canon 7D DSLR camera in hand.

This wasn’t the first door I had knocked on. I was at knuckle-blister-Jehovah’s Witness level and I was beginning to find out that the people of London don’t find it too hard to dish out a polite “no thanks” to strangers knocking on their door asking for a job in media.

I simply love meeting people, taking pictures, filming clips, creating edits and I think the people on the other side of that blue door in London (Thanks Will! https://winglondon.com/) sensed some of that and gave me a chance.

They let me in, listened to my story and gave me a shot at filming my first gig – The Southhampton FC junior academy. From that one shoot, I met a guy named Mark (Thanks Mark!) who asked if I wanted to shoot something else a couple of weeks later – I said yes. On that shoot a couple of weeks later I was asked if I could go to Cyprus to film the MARS ice cream brand – I said yes. A month or two after that whilst in a North London Op shop my phone rang and I was asked if I was available the next week to shoot model Elle Macpherson – I said… You’re kidding me!?!

They weren’t kidding.

Upon my return to Australia in 2014 the ripple effect started again with Springfree Trampoline on my very first shoot back on the Sunshine Coast. Raw Lens Media Co. was born.

And here we are today.

Living out this incredible opportunity to connect, create meaningful work and share through photography and video content.

We understand that a major headache for your business is to connect the dots between an idea or brand story to an authentic visual representation that captivates your audience.

We connect those dots.

We get to the heart of your brand story and create content you can be proud of.

Our team of cameramen, directors and post-production crew can create a captivating concept in-house or work closely with your marketing team to bring an idea to life.

Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia we work locally, nationally and internationally to evoke emotive stories and deliver them to their intended audience.

Be seen, heard and understood.

If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading. I look forward to meeting you and creating something special.

Tom Rawlins / Founder
Raw Lens Media Co.

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